Minor procedures

To best assist our patients, we’ve invested in state-of-the-art facilities. Our practice is fully equipped for our practitioners to perform minor procedures to get the help you need without having to leave the practice.

Our experienced staff remain at the forefront of medical technology and continually educate themselves on new techniques and methodologies to treat any potential injuries or illnesses you may have.

Procedures Included

Some of the more popular procedures we assist with include:

Suturing Lacerations

If you have a deep cut, the chances are that you will need stitches. We start the procedure by disinfecting the injury to reduce the risk of infection. We then carefully stitch the skin, trying to avoid scarring as much as possible. Once the laceration has been stitched, we cover it with a waterproof material to prevent any moisture from seeping into the wound, possibly causing infection. We may ask you to return to the practice to monitor the healing and, eventually, remove the stitches.

Removal of Suspicious Skin Lesions

A skin lesion is defined as an area of the skin characteristically different from the surrounding skin. This may present as a lump, mole, or even a sore. If the lesion meets specific criteria, it could be flagged as a potential melanoma - a potential starting point for skin cancer. A skin lesion flagged as suspicious may need to be removed to prevent it from developing further. Our highly-trained practitioners can remove lesions quickly and efficiently, with minimal recovery time.

Abscess Drainage

A skin abscess is essentially a pocket of pus that sits just under the skin. Bacterial infections generally cause these abscesses, and they need to be drained to begin healing. You may need to start a course of antibiotics before we can start the drainage process. Our experienced practitioners can drain abscesses quickly and effectively, with minimal pain and discomfort. We apply a local anaesthetic to keep you comfortable while we treat the area.

PAP Smear

A PAP Smear is a standard procedure that screens women for cervical cancer. We recommend getting a PAP smear annually, and our highly qualified, professional practitioners are well-equipped to conduct these essential screenings. If you happen to be on your period at the time of your scheduled appointment, we may ask that you reschedule your PAP smear as heavy bleeding tends to affect the accuracy of the results.

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