Full medical examination

A complete medical evaluation consists of several tests performed to ensure that you are in optimal health and address any concerns. Scheduling routine evaluations are great ways to stay in optimal health.

Athletes get regular assessments to determine their health and fitness levels, some companies require staff to be evaluated regularly, and some insurance companies require evaluations for new members. Whatever the reason, our phenomenal practitioners are fully equipped to assist you with your next complete medical evaluation.

Tests Included

Some of the tests we utilise during a complete medical evaluation include:

Stress ECG

The test monitors the heart rate, blood pressure and the electrical impulses in your heart while you are active. We connect the ECG up to your body and then ask you to step onto a treadmill. We measure your vitals as you progress through the workout and look for any inconsistencies that may indicate a problem.

Laboratory Tests

Blood and urine tests are essential for diagnosing many health problems, including hormonal issues, cholesterol levels, glucose levels, kidney function, dehydration and many more. We may also request a diabetes screening, a thyroid screening or a lipid panel if you have any increased risk of heart-attach, stroke, or heart disease.

Visual Exam

Some common conditions have symptoms that present visually. Your practitioner will check your body for any visual signs of illness and will flag any potential issues they find. You may notice your practitioner giving certain areas more attention; this is entirely normal. Sites that are generally examined include: Head, Eyes, Abdomen, Chest, Hands, Wrists

Physical Exam

This section of the evaluation requires a manual assessment, so your doctor will need to use tools to check your ears, mouth, throat and nose. They will also listen to your heart and lungs and feel parts of your body to check for abnormalities.

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