The prevalence of skin cancer in sunny South Africa ranks among the highest in the world. Dermoscopy is a quick, easy, painless procedure to assess any spots you may have that could develop into skin cancer.

Dermoscopy in Pretoria

Skin cancer is exceptionally prevalent in sunny South Africa. So it is absolutely vital that you take care of your skin and have regular appointments to assess any suspicious lesions or spots that may appear.

Dermoscopy uses a high-quality magnifying lens in conjunction with a powerful lighting system to allow your doctor to properly and thoroughly examine the skin patterns and structures. We also use an advanced computer system to archive your dermoscopy images and results and help us map the differences.

Mole Mapping

Mole mapping is an advanced screening program that monitors the changes in skin patterns and structure. Essentially, high-quality images of your target areas are taken over time and compared to assess the growth and behaviour of suspicious marks and spots.

The main components of Mole Mapping include:

  • Dermoscopy
  • Full body photography
  • Assessing new or developing lesions at follow-up visits
  • Expert diagnosis and management recommendations.

If you have a mole or lesion that you are concerned about, please contact our offices and schedule a dermoscopy. Our highly-trained and experienced doctors can quickly and efficiently assess your concern and guide you through the best treatment options for your unique case.

A general rule to assess whether a lesion or mole is cause for concern is the ABCDE rule - if your mole or lesion can be described as the following, please schedule an appointment.

  • Asymmetrical
  • Border irregularity
  • Colour Variations
  • Diameter over 6mm
  • Evolving

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